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We're psyched Matt & Bruce are playing slots for 500 Songs For Kids

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500 Songs For Kids

500 SONGS FOR KIDS is a 10-day live music marathon running from May 3rd to May 12th at Smith's Olde Bar in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Event will be counting down ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE'S 500 GREATEST SONGS OF ALL TIME with 500 DIFFERENT BANDS/MUSICAL ACTS and SOLO ARTISTS. This will be the largest musician involved charity event ever in Georgia, bringing together roughly 1500 individually performing musicians - all for an incredible cause. GEORGIA is the first location to host this event, and soon after, we'll be bringing the SONGS FOR KIDS FOUNDATION, INC. and the 500 SONGS FOR KIDS countdown to other states.

The SONGS FOR KIDS FOUNDATION, INC. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit tax-exempt organization. Its purpose is to connect musicians, the music industry, and music fans with kids in need - kids who are battling cancer, have lost a sibling or a parent, and kids who are suffering from many other life threatening diseases and problems. Are you a hospital looking for a singer-songwriter to entertain some of your kids? Are you a band looking to donate your time at a camp or hospital? Our goal is to bring everyone closer. Just fill out the appropriate form: camp/hospital application or performer form, and well get the word out to acts / camps we think are appropriate for your situation. For more information, please visit 500 Songs For Kids or

serial attractions got a fantastic review from SE Performer. You can read it on our site, or on theirs: We're a little better than half way down - look for our CD cover.
SE Performer review

brain box has been accepted at the 7th Annual Heart of Texas Quadrupal Bypass (march 15-19) in Austin TX.

"I won't Let You" has been added to You can check it out here.

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matt played the Happenstance this last weekend at the EARL. He helped put together a fabulous band, co-write 3 original songs and learn a cover, then perform at the club - all in one rock filled day. Matt was teamed up with Tracy (Jetty), Lianna (Silent Kids/GA fireflies), Justin (Day Mars Ray/the Suddenrays/3d5speed) and a newcomer to Atl - Dave (a fantastic drummer and hillarious person). The band was called "Do Wait Don't" and smoked up the whole night like a cheap philly blunt.

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the EARL

'serial attractions' is on CDbaby, TowerRecords and you can also download it at iTunes, Rhapsody, MSN Music and more - check our 'links' page for more. makes a great christmas gift.

listen to brain box on your local college radio station, or on the web.

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Matthew Chick Chenoweth is the lead singer and guitar player for Brain Box. Eric Young is the drummer. Bruce Butkovich is the bass player. Matt Chenoweth writes the songs and supervises the arrangements, produces the recordings and mixes the records. Chick Chenoweth's work is recognized as "skillful craft and a densely layered, deeply focused soundscape that breaks free of the hyper-tough modern rock standard." Brain Box is recognized as having "sweet Beatles-style harmonies, vibrant tempo and punchy beats, with a solid dose of the geek-chic rather than mohawk-and-safety-pin vibe. Brain Box serves up a truly enjoyable listening experience.