Brain Box is musical food for a hungry mind, cooking up what some consider the most powerful music ever written. Luxurious sounds for the modern hedonist - adroitly sidestepping the cookie-cutter garbage littering our collective aural sidewalks. Their shimmering waves of emotional baggage are really fun to go through, while curious undergarment-like rhythms pulsate through the sock drawer of the imagination. Brain Box truly offers solace to the disheartened and comfort to those who look boldly to the future.

Three fantastic musicians - Matt (lead vox/guitars), Eric (drums/vox) and Bruce (bass/vox) - play with an infectious energy that explodes off the stage. The band leaves an indelible impression, clearly stamped by their ability to play any style of music from Country to Punk to Indie Pop, and pepper each arrangement with the perfect harmonies. Listeners become avid fans. Live shows have been known to leave a ravaged audience reaching for that satisfying, post orgasmic smoke.

The new Brain Box album: Serial Attractions is out now. Since posting songs on myspace last October the album has racked up over 1800 plays at It is available through, iTunes and other digital distribution outlets. There is currently a radio and press promotion for the album.

Brain Box was please to be part of the Heart of Texas rock fest during SXSW this year, and has been playing regionally in the SE to promote Serial Attractions.

The Band has played bills with Hotel Lights, Tommy Stinson, Sondre Lerche, the Golden Republic, Built Like Alaska, Maganapop, The Honored Guests, De Novo Dahl, Sovus Radio, the Capsules, the Goodies, Jetty, and many more.

bruce  eric  matt
Matthew Chick Chenoweth is the lead singer and guitar player for Brain Box. Eric Young is the drummer. Bruce Butkovich is the bass player. Matt Chenoweth writes the songs and supervises the arrangements, produces the recordings and mixes the records. Chick Chenoweth's work is recognized as "skillful craft and a densely layered, deeply focused soundscape that breaks free of the hyper-tough modern rock standard." Brain Box is recognized as having "sweet Beatles-style harmonies, vibrant tempo and punchy beats, with a solid dose of the geek-chic rather than mohawk-and-safety-pin vibe. Brain Box serves up a truly enjoyable listening experience.